Monday, February 1, 2010

Michael Update

our kids with their cousins on mommy's side of the family

our kids with their baby cousin (daddy's side of the family)

Alisha's new hairdo.

We are asking that everyone join us in prayer for Michael. We have kept somewhat quiet to the most for a long time, but we feel we need a lot of support at this point. Michael has struggled with some physical and behavioral problems since he came home almost two years ago. We worked with our former pediatrician to try to get answers for some of the physical problems to no avail. She didn't seem to be very interested in finding solutions. She wasn't really interested in listening and seemed to minimize any of my concerns. We have tried what seems like a million things to deal with the behavior issues hoping that once he had been here for a year or so, he would get adjusted and begin fitting in. But as the year mark came and went, we found that he wasn't settling into the routine of family life and was having more and more issues. Since he has been in preschool this year, he started getting better and then took a turn and seems to be progressively regressing and getting worse.
We started seeing a new pediatrician this last week. She listened to me and seemed very interested in trying to find some solutions. We talked for over half an hour. We have started doing some medical tests and she called today requesting a few more tests based on some preliminary results. We are hoping that they can find some answers for him.
We have also been recommended to a counseling center. I am going to try to call them this week and investigate whether they can see him and whether they take our insurance. So please join us in prayer for our little guy. He is obviously hurting inside and we want to be able to help him so that we can enjoy spending time with him. Pray for peace for our family as we face these trials and the turmoil that he can create in the home.
The other kids are doing okay. They get stressed out with some of Michael's behaviors, but I believe that they are really trying to help him most of the time. Matthew is doing fabulous in school still. Alisha is improving greatly over the past few weeks, but still has a long way to go. Kevin is learning so much lately. He really amazes me.