Thursday, June 23, 2011

11 Years!

Tomorrow, my husband and I will celebrate our 11 year anniversary. We had no idea what marriage was going to bring us, but the Lord knows that sometimes it is best that we don't know what is coming. I never thought that I could love my husband more than on our wedding day, but I do. We have been through many, many joys together and many more trials. Some of our biggest joys have been the birth and adoption of our children. And yet one of those children has been and still is our biggest trial.
I just want to take this moment to thank my husband for being my leader and supporter through every joy and trial. Thank you for reminding me to put my eyes on Christ and deal with one thing at a time when millions of things are swirling together and making me overwhelmed. Thank you for loving me even though I still can't cook well and I can never keep up with the housework. Thank you for helping with the housework without being asked. Thank you for loving our kids and helping to raise them. I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!