Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Well, after a month and a half of mailing in paperwork, emailing, and calling, Aaron and I finally got our fingerprints redone for the US Immigration. Our old fingerprints expire on Sunday. I drove down to the immigration office yesterday and by God's grace I stayed calmed and finally got the officer to schedule us immediately for fingerprints. He was going to send us an appointment which would have been in 1-2 weeks (with a baby due about that same time?). I didn't think that was a good idea. With the baby due and our old prints expiring, I wanted it done right away. Praise God for His help in that situation. Please continue to pray for healing for the sores on Michael's skin that are left from the rash he had. Also continue to pray for his health, safety, and passport. I would also appreciate prayer for Matthew as it seems to be more and more of an emotional burden for him as he awaits the time when his brother can come home. It has been 19 months and that is hard on all of us, but I have noticed Matthew making more comments and praying more sincerely for his brother to come home.

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