Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Summer

We have had a very busy summer. We have visited the park a number of times, made a "beach" in the sandbox, went to the beach, cleaned house, and played outside. I have really enjoyed spending time with my kids this summer. Now I am back to work, but had today off so I thought I would try to give a quick update.

Matthew had his first official sleepover at a friend's house (one that isn't related). He is tired now, but he had a great time. He is getting ready to go to 2nd grade in a little over a week. However, he is going to spend a week up north with Grandma and Papa first. I will miss him greatly. He is such a good kid. He is generally quiet and reserved, but he entertains himself very well. He loves doing things on his "laptop" (netbook), swimming, and playing wii. He loves riding his bike and scooter. He has started a fund to save up to buy a 4-wheeler.

Alisha is very excited to be starting Kindergarten soon. She is excited about wearing her new school clothes (she is such a girl!). She is finally starting to learn some of her letters and numbers. She loves playing with her purses and dolls. Alisha doesn't care for the pool so much, but enjoyed the slip-n-slide. She is starting to "read" books to her little brothers. She is very bossy and is trying to learn that she is not the boss of her baby brother and cousin.

Michael just turned 4. He was so excited that it was finally his birthday. A few weeks before his birthday, he told me, "I am 3 now and when it is my birthday then I will be 4". I was pleased that he figured it out on his own. He has begun to try to identify letters and he counts very well. He still struggles with behavior. He often throws a big fit if he doesn't get his way and tends to be defiant. We are working with him to help him overcome these issues.

Kevin is a riot! He is such a fun kid. He is almost 2 and he already talks up a storm and is so smart. He loves stuffed animals and riding "Sandy" (the penny horse) at Meijer. He is finally growing some, but is still small compared to Matthew at that age. He loves music!! I think that comes from the Kevin we named him after. He definitely got the right name. He is generally very happy and likes to play around and make other people smile.


stephanie garcia said...

Thanks for commenting on our blog today! It's so exciting to meet another adoptive family, and one from Michigan no less since that is where we call home when we are stateside (Lapeer area.) Whereabouts in Michigan does your family live?

the sayers said...

Thanks for the update. Enjoy reading and hearing of your busy lives. God bless you all.