Saturday, September 12, 2009


Alisha started Kindergarten this week and Matthew started 2nd grade. Matthew ended up with a severe migrain headache Wednesday evening and spent the evening in bed, but other than that the week was good. Well, for the kids anyway. My first week of school was challenging!

Today we went to Lowe's and built a drum. I didn't realize when I signed the kids up that I would have to take them by myself because Aaron had choir practice. But I figured that Lowe's would have workers there assisting the children. When I got there, I realized that they only had one lady there passing out the supplies and not one person at all to help, I almost left without bothering with any projects. But I'm glad I stayed. I helped Matthew get started first and then he did the rest of his by himself. He even helped Alisha after I got her started. After I helped Matthew, I got Michael started because he was struggling with being patient and I didn't want a meltdown in the store. He did okay finishing hammering in the nails that I helped him get started. Then I got Alisha started. Kevin waited so patiently for his turn. He had been singing all morning about going to "make drum, make drum". He enjoyed using a hammer for the first time. They were all thrilled by the time they were done. Alisha concentrated so hard on her work. I've never seen her have such intense focus.


Amy said...

Wow, they're all getting so big. I didn't realize Lowes had stuff like that. I wonder if ours does. Hope next week goes better for you.

Cheryl said...

Cute pictures, Ruth! Found your blog through Amy's. :)