Monday, April 21, 2008

Hard Waiting Day

We've had some hard waiting days around here lately. We haven't heard anything in several weeks and that makes it very difficult. We continue to hope that Michael will have a passport soon, but we have no idea when it will happen.
We tried to talk to Michael yesterday but neither side could hear the other. They said that they would try again in a few weeks. : ( The kids were not too happy.
We have enjoyed the beautiful weather the past few days and spent a lot of time outside. I really expected Michael to be here with us as we started getting outside to play in the sand and on the swings and planting the garden, etc. It really hit me hard as we spent time outside enjoying the weather and the kids that he was missing from the fun. It just really doesn't make sense. Yet I am trying to focus on praising God in this storm and remembering that He is who He is no matter where we are. And God knows where we are and where Michael is and He loves us all. Please remember to take time to pray for us and for Michael to be able to come home.
Praise the Lord that a friend of ours was able to bring her daughter home from Romania this week. It took her many years, but praise God they are home together now.

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