Sunday, September 14, 2008

A busy week

Wow, this week was very busy. I'm not sure where the time went. It was my first full week of school and Matthew's also. Tuesday night we went out to eat for a school fundraiser. The kids enjoyed it alot. Aaron was at a contract ratification meeting, so he didn't get to join us. We are still waiting to hear if the contract passed. Please pray that it did. Wednesday, Aaron and I both had terrible headaches when we got home. So we decided to go grab some food and run to walmart to buy socks (don't you hate how socks just disappear!). So we were going to this chicken place that was having a super special for one night only from 5-7pm. We love their chicken and a chicken dinner was only going to be 2.99. So we would only need two or at most three of these meals to feed the whole family and it would be a great deal. SO we headed over there only to find a line all the way around the whole building waiting to get in. No way! We were not waiting in line with 4 kids. SO we stopped at a Taco Bell on our way to walmart. The lady rang up our order and the whole time, I was thinking about how this was going to cost more than the chicken I had wanted to get. So she went to run my credit card through (because I don't carry cash on me) and it wouldn't go through. ANother lady told her that the machines weren't working and she said they had started working a few minutes ago. SO she tried the other machine, but had no luck. So I asked Aaron if he had any cash and of course he doesn't carry cash either so I told the lady we would just have to go someplace else. At that point, I wondered why the Lord was making it so difficult to just get some food. And as that thought ran through my mind, the manager walked up and said that our meal would be on her for that night and not to worry about it. Thank You Lord! So we ate and went to get socks and got home and to bed early that night.
Thursday was my nieces birthday, so we went to my parents house and pizza and brownies. Then the kids played in the backyard for a while.
Now I saved Monday for last for a reason. Monday was an awful, horrible, no good, very bad evening. I needed to take Alisha and Michael for their physicals for preschool. Only Aaron wasn't off work in time to go with me. So I took FOUR children to the doctors. They were well behaved under the circumstances, BUT... Alisha did quite well for her physical and four shots (I didn't even know she was going to need any shots.) Michael did okay for his physical, BUT then came the needles.... They needed to draw blood again, because his iron was so low when he first came home. It took myself and three nurses to get the blood drawn. And everybody in the state heard Michael screaming that evening. Yes, that WAS Michael you heard on Monday evening. Then he needed 5 shots. We had been told he was missing a few of his shots, but then found out he had only had one shot. Fun, fun. Now he has to have all his baby shots at three years old. By the time they were done, Michael was exhausted and very very very very upset. Alisha was in tears asking if Michael was okay. Kevin was screaming and sobbing because Mommy wasn't picking him up and because his brother was screaming. Matthew was standing there with this look of terror on his face like someone had just died in front of him. Needless to say, I was emotionally exhausted by the time we left the doctor's office. It took almost two hours at the doctor's office with four kids ages 6 and under. What a terrible time. So we went to a playplace for dinner because it was too yucky to go play outside.
Alisha starts preschool tomorrow. And Michael starts on Tuesday. Please pray that things go smoothly. Michael is having issues with adults lately. Today, he got upset at his churchtime teacher and took his shoes off and threw them at her and then proceeded to kick and scream. Needless, to say they had to come get Aaron out of church to go deal with him. The fits seem to be so random that it is hard to predict when he is going to have one and what is triggering them. Please pray that he would adjust completely to his new life and not have these fits anymore.

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