Monday, October 13, 2008

Alisha's First Fieldtrip & Various other things

Well, it has been a long few weeks. Matthew & Kevin can't get rid of their colds/ear infections. We are starting the second round of antibiotics today. Kevin is really starting to walk a lot more. He can stand up without holding onto anything now. It is so cute to watch him. He has been giving us a lot of loves lately. Matthew is enjoying school. His teacher says that he is quiet. Alisha loves school. She can write an A now and is working on writing her name. She can finally get her age right (well, most of the time anyway). She went to the apple orchard last thursday for her first fieldtrip. I found out that she has a really good friend in her class (that happens to be a boy). My friend Kim (from college) was here for the day and got to go with Alisha and Michael and I on the trip. It was supposed to be Michael's first fieldtrip also, but they kicked him out of school before the trip. That is another long story that I don't have time to write about right now. But I need lots of prayers for peace, patience, and guidance as we seek to find a place to get him some help. But the preschool teacher he had refuses to use the word "no" in her classroom, says Michael is egocentric, and various other things. They were under the impression that we were getting paid each month for having Michael and that we should use that money to pay for a different preschool. Wow! Shows you how little they know about adoption. But rather than speak to us, they made assumptions and refuse to let Michael attend preschool. Aaron and I are also not feeling well right now, so please pray for healing for our whole family.
Aren't they cute!
Cousins. Can you believe that she is only 7 months and he is 12 months.
Awwww! He loves his "little" cousin.
Alisha & Michael at the apple orchard
Alisha & Michael with "Auntie" Kim
Alisha and her friend Josh
The kids favorite thing was this skeleton in the outhouse. It talked and moved and was really kind of funny. The kids wanted to stay there and watch it over and over again.
Notice Alisha is already at the top and Michael is still climbing up the first layer of hay bales. She is so fast and agile. Michael on the other hand is kind of clumsy. Poor guy, he tries really hard, but he just can't keep up with his sister. But they had fun on the "hay mountain".

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