Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Soooooo Busy

Sorry I haven't posted in quite awhile. We have been very busy. I have a cool new picture that I want to share of the kids, but it is on the other computer (go figure).
Matthew got a student of the month award. Aaron and I were able to get off early and go to the awards assembly yesterday. He has now decided that he will get a student of the month award every year. Two down, many more to go!
Alisha is loving preschool. She can finally write an "A" and an "h". She is so proud of herself for "writing her name".
Michael is continuing to struggle with his behavior. We are searching for options that might help him. It makes things very stressful when his behavior is so hard to deal with at times. Although, he had a really good day today. I just wish that he had more good days. A few in a row would be nice!
Kevin is changing so much. He loves walking now. I am amazed at how quickly he has mastered walking. He loves to giggle. He gives the sweetest big baby open-mouth kisses and if you act silly when he does it, he comes back for more. Then he laughs and acts silly. I enjoy the time Aaron and I get to spend with him after the other kids are in bed most evenings.
Aaron and I are okay. It is very tiring to care for four kids, but God continues to give us his grace. I am just very thankful for my ipod and "Casting Crowns". I have also enjoyed sitting down and reading some various books about Christian parenting, God's love, and Karen Kingsbury books.

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