Saturday, February 7, 2009

Nothing Much

It seems so hard lately to find time to post on here. It really does take a lot to work full time and care for four kids. BUT I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. The kids can use every ounce of patience that I have and then some, but they are such a blessing. I took Kevin to his third doctor's appointment in just over a week today. He seems to be doing very well now. It all started a week and a half ago when Matthew decided to walk on my parents treadmill (that he knows he isn't allowed to touch) with Kevin in the room. He was smart enough to not turn it on because then we would have heard it. Unfortunately, Kevin was the one that paid the price for his brother's disobedience. His finger got caught in the treadmill and got pretty mangled. There were no fractures, but it ended up getting infected. So he is finally doing better, we just have to finish off the antibiotics.
We have been fighting the flu alot around here ( alot of good the flu shots did). Hopefully, we are all feeling better now and will stay that way.
Please pray for families that are going through international adoption processes. I have one friend that has been in the process of adopting her son for over three years now. Please pray for continued patience and for the process to finish and her son to come home. I also have a friend who is in the process of adopting from Liberia and now the president of Liberia has suspended all adoptions. I can't imagine the added stress that all of these trials must bring. It makes me thankful that it ONLY took 28 months to get Michael home. I guess it could have been much worse. God has a plan in it all. Please pray that God's plan and grace would be evident in the lives of my friends and other christian families that are in the process of adopting children.

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