Friday, February 13, 2009

A Sleepover

Alisha is almost five and is having her first sleepover tonight. She has her cousin spending the night with her. We pulled the mattress off her bunk and put it on the floor. I had bought her one of those bed canopy/tent things for Christmas, but it doesn't work for her top bunk. But I thought she would enjoy having a tent for her sleepover. So the girls are very giddy and excited about sleeping in a princess tent together. Within the first five minutes, they were out with their "scary happening"... 1st they came running out together to tell us that something was moving like water in there ??? We told them it was them and they ran back in giggling and jumped into the tent. Then we could here them giggling that they forgot to close the door. 2nd they came running out to tell us that something was making a noise like an owl in there. They are so silly. It is exciting to see Alisha giggling like a giddy little girl. Being in a houseful of brothers, she doesn't get as giddy and giggly as some little girls and I am enjoying listening to her. I still dream about her having a sister, but daddy says I'm out of my mind.

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