Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Seven years ago today it was Mother's Day, my first mother's day as a mother. Because it was seven years ago today that Matthew was born. He has amazed me each year as he has become smarter and more inquisitive. He loves to learn. He is finishing up 1st grade and is already done with our school districts 2nd grade spelling curriculum, is at a middle of 2nd grade reading level, and is excelling in math (go figure!). He is already adding multiple digit numbers including carrying (there are 3rd & 4th graders at my school that can't do that). He is starting to multiply single digit numbers. He enjoys reading the Bible together as a family and reading Bible stories.
As I was going through college and as Aaron and I began our married life, I wondered if I would be able to have kids. I loved children and dreamt of the day that I would be a mother. God was very gracious and gave us Matthew right away and I will always be thankful for my wonderful baby boy.

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