Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Big Kids

I've posted about Michael quite often and I thought it was time to post about my other munchkins. Matthew is getting so big and mature. He is really learning a lot. He loves to try to figure out how to make things and how things work. His big accomplishment this summer is his swimming. He can swim by himself and he can even swim under water for several yards. He just loves being in the water. He keeps practicing staying under water longer and longer. Honestly, he scares me sometimes. He is also working on his letters, numbers, writing, and reading to get ready for school.
Alisha is full of energy all of the time. We finally transitioned her into a twin bed and out of the crib a few weeks ago and that is going better than I expected. She has only gotten out of bed on her own a few times. She is also learning to swim, but she has to have a ring or noodle to hold onto. But at least we can get her in the water and get her to move around on her own. Her big accomplishment is that she finally pedaled her bike for the first time on Thursday. She started pedaling the tricycle a month or two ago, but just could not get the hang of it on the bike. So she is very proud of herself and enjoys riding her "purple bike". He bike is pink and blue, but it has purple handle grips and purple rims inside the tires, so that makes it a "purple bike".
The baby seems to be developing well. His heartbeat is strong and he tends to be very active several times a day. It is nice to be able to feel him move around. So now that I am entering the final stretch of the pregnancy, I will be going every other week for a checkup instead of once a month.
I go back to work for inservice soon, so I will be very busy. But at least I have a six week break to look forward to when the baby is born. I have really enjoyed spending time with Matthew and Alisha this summer. I remind myself often that I need to spend as much time with them as I can now, since two new boys will bless our life soon and my time will be even more limited.
God is so wonderful. I can't explain how blessed I feel. Even though I have a hard time understanding why He sees fit to keep Michael far away from us for so long, I remind myself constantly of how adoption is a picture of God adopting us into his family. God was willing to pay the ultimate price to adopt us. And He is willing to wait for us as long as it takes. Some of us accept Christ as our personal Saviour and become sons of God at an early age and some people take a long time to accept God's gift of salvation, yet even though it takes a long time, God is still willing to wait and accept that person as one of His children. God knows what is best and He loves us and our son and will bring him home in the right time.

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