Monday, July 16, 2007

MOI (Haitian immigration) Update

Well, we finally have an update. Not the update we have been praying for but at least we know something. The orphanage sent out an update email yesterday and it included information about the files stuck in MOI. Someone in charge at the MOI office has decided that they don't think the children's names should have been allowed to be changed during the adoption process. So the orphanage lawyer is working with MOI to verify the laws that allow the children's names to be changed when they are adopted. Apparently they have had this problem once before and were able to get it worked out, but they didn't expect it to be a problem again. Please pray that this issue will be worked out quickly.
I also contacted the US embassy in PAP this morning. A lady on the one yahoogroup said that they wanted to hear from any US families whose files have been stuck in MOI for more than a month. I wrote them an email requesting help. The lady that gave out the email address said that the ambassador promised to check in on all files and try to find out what the hold up is and see what can be done. The ambassador also mentioned that things should start moving now in MOI. Please pray fervently for Michael's passport to be approved, printed, and his visa to be issued so he can come home.

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