Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Baby Update

Well, I am at 32 weeks today and we have approximately 8 weeks till we meet our littlest boy. I went to the Dr. this morning and she says everything is looking good. I have gained a whole 11 pounds. This pregnancy has been such an extreme answer to prayer. We have prayed for this baby for 5 years and God finally saw fit to grant our desires. Despite the aches and fatigue, etc. I am so pleased to be carrying this child. We thought that finding out we were pregnant at 4 weeks would make this pregnancy drag by. We didn't find out about Matthew until I was 9 weeks pregnant and the time went by so slowly. This time, the time has flown by.

No news on Michael, but I will post as soon as I hear anything. I emailed our orphanage to find out if they have heard anything, so hopefully we'll hear something soon.

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