Thursday, August 16, 2007

Still nothing

Well, we received word this morning that they did not sign out our file on Tuesday. Yesterday was a holiday, so the guy from the orphanage was going this afternoon to see if the files were ready yet. Continue to pray for this passport. We also got word this week from the US Consulate in Port-au-Prince that they need some paperwork and interviews to be completed in order to issue his visa, but that they are backlogged and it may take some time. They asked that we have our orphanage contact them to coordinate getting them what they need, but I am having difficulty making contact with the orphanage. I did find out today that the director has been diarnosed with malaria so please pray for her also as she has so much to do.

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Trisha said...

HI there~I just ran across your blog. We are also adopting from Haiti, so I am feeling your frustrations. Know there are many, many people storming the gates of heaven praying for a flood of passports! Our blog is:

Best wishes!
Trisha Roe