Friday, August 10, 2007

Doctors Report

I spoke with our orphanage director yesterday. It was the first time I have contacted them on their Skype phone. Everything on that phone is delayed, so it took some patience to carry on a conversation. The director said that the doctor does not feel that Michael's rash is anything serious. She prescribed some ointment and some antibiotics and feels it should clear up with that medication. The pharmacy did not have the medication when they stopped on the way home from the doctor on Wednesday, but they were able to get the medications yesterday.
She also informed me that her assistant was meeting with the MOI (Haitian immigration) director yesterday afternoon. He was asked by the director to bring copies of all the files that are currently in MOI from the orphanage. The director of MOI said he would check on each file individually. We are still waiting to hear the result of this meeting and praying that some progress was made. Thanks for your continued prayers. God is good and we are trusting Him to bring Michael home safely.

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