Thursday, December 27, 2007

And yet another glitch in the process...

I spoke with the orphanage director today. She informed me that when the adoption worker went to MOI yesterday they gave him our file back along with several others because they are missing "a stamp" from the court clerk. She seemed to think that if the court clerk was in, then it would be a quick fix and MOI has promised (?) to sign out our file as soon as it has that stamp. (Then again they promised to sign it out as soon as the orphanage filled out that form two weeks ago?) So I told the orphanage director that since we had missed Christmas we had hoped for a January homecoming, but now that didn't look possible. But she didn't seem to think that a January homecoming was out of reach. I know in my head that "All things are possible with God." And I truly believe it. But it is hard to live it when you have been let down so many times. I honestly believed that my son would celebrate Christmas with his family and not at the orphanage again. It hurts to hope for something to happen, because it never does (at least not yet), but it hurts not to hope because then I feel like I am giving up on Michael. I am to the point where it hurts emotionally and physically and all I can do is pray (and cry). Please remember us in your prayers and ask God to move some bureaucratic mountains for our son to come home.

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