Sunday, December 9, 2007

He really talks!

We really got to hear Michael talk today. He sang part of his ABC's to us. He told each of us that he loves us. We also heard him talking to the girls around him. He has the sweetest little voice. I also talked to the orphanage director while she was holding him. I asked her if there was any news from MOI. She said that our lawyer is currently working with a "high-powered" lawyer and they are hoping to hear something this week. Please pray that these lawyers can get the government offices to do their job and sign out our file.
In other news, Kevin is baby Jesus in our Christmas concert at church tonight (and Friday night and the next Sunday night). He made through dress rehearsal Wednesday but they were running behind and he didn't go on till late, so he was tired and hungry by that time and he wasn't the happiest when he got on stage. He especially did not like being laid in the manger. Made me stop and think about how Mary must have felt laying her baby in a manger.
I also had a profound thought in church this morning as we were celebrating the Angel Sunday of advent. Pastor was talking about the angels and we sang Christmas carols about angels. And I thought about how I have been feeling lately. I have not wanted to decorate for Christmas again this year. At least I was excited about finding a special gift for each of my kids. But I thought this morning about how selfish I am being to not want to celebrate Christmas. Christmas isn't about me. It is about Jesus! And he gave us the greatest gift of all. Plus he has given us many other great gifts. We have Matthew, Alisha, and Kevin here to celebrate with us. We are all healthy. Michael is safe and healthy and well cared for. We have an awesome church that encourages us and challenges us to grow to be more like Christ. I never though I would like a church because the preaching makes me feel uncomfortable at times. But I would never learn to be more like Christ if I always felt comfortable with where I am. So I have decided to celebrate Christmas with all of my heart and I will rejoice at the gifts God has given and will give. I will continue to pray for Michael to come home soon, but I will not allow the fact that he is not here to hinder my worship of Jesus Christ this Christmas season.

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Amy said...

Wow, thanks for sharing this. There's that resounding "praise God anyway" that we both seem to be hearing. I love the pic of the kids. Kevin is getting so big already. And thanks again for the GBAPR. I can't wait to get it.