Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow! (and a piece of my heart)

Well, we got quite a bit of snow today. Probably about 8 inches of snow fell between last night and this afternoon. It is absolutely beautiful. I have my first snow day of the year tomorrow and I can't wait to stay home and clean house with my kids. Matthew is excited about cleaning house. This is officially his very first snow day. Hopefully, we will have a fabulous day together.
I am trying not to get my hopes up, but I am really hoping for some good news about Michael this week. My heart aches to have him home. I am hoping that within the next month I will be able to have all four of my kids together. It will be interesting to see how they all react to each other. Matthew and Alisha have been waiting so long for their "baby brother" who is now their two-year old brother. Michael has only known life in an orphanage. We have heard that Michael has learned how to latch the orphanage director's door after he goes in her office so that the other kids cannot come in and he has her to himself. She says that he seems to understand everything that she says to him in English. So we are hoping and praying for a smooth transition. However, we understand that there may be some challenging days and we will need the support of our family and friends. I know this is early, but we will also need our family and friends to be understanding as we may need a little time and space to get adjusted to Michael and he will need time and space to get adjusted to us before we have too many social engagements. So please don't be offended if we can't come over or if we ask you not to come over. We will do what we feel is the best for our children. It will depend alot on how Michael adjusts to our family. We do not want to push him to much and scare him. I have been thinking about this alot as I have been dreaming of the day that he arrives home. I can't imagine what it will be like for him as a two-year old to leave everything and everyone(home, country, language, friends, nannies, etc.) he has ever known. He will then move in with parents that he doesn't remember meeting and brothers and a sister that he has only seen in pictures and on skype. What a scary thing for a little guy. Please pray for him even now that the Lord would prepare him for his new life and family. And most importantly pray that all of our children will learn to love the Lord and serve Him with their whole hearts.

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