Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We are home!!!!!!!!!!!!

We arrived home a little after two.
Kevin did not like being away from home, so him and I did not sleep much. The other three kids went to sleep rather quickly. Aaron woke up a few times to Kevin's cry. Michael woke up with diarrhea. So we went through a pair of shorts almost as soon as we put them on. And then had to be changed again before we left the hotel. We left the hotel around 9:15. When we got outside of Columbus we stopped at McDonald's for breakfast. Michael ate his pancakes very quickly and had to be changed again and went again in the bathroom. He was very fascinated by the lights in the restaurant and the two toilets in the same bathroom. He also is enjoying washing his hands. We then stopped at Walmart and got plastic pants to put over his diaper and some pedialyte. The kids each slept for a few hours on the way home. So the trip was very good. We got home and Michael made it in the door only to freeze and act very panicked. He had spotted our one cat laying in the living room floor. So the cats have been put away for right now. We ate lunch and then gave Michael a bath. He has a bit of a cold, but is doing okay. He is watching a baby einstein video. Even on the video he makes sure we know he does not like the cat. He likes Matthew sitting by him and just got very vocal at the fact that Matthew walked out of the room. He kept yelling, "hey". So we are teaching him names. Thanks for all of your prayers. I'll post more pictures later.

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