Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I have not gotten lost

I have just been a bit busy. I have spent time each day for a few days trying to get Michael added onto our health insurance. I kept getting told that it should be all set in a few days and then I would check and it wasn't. So today I was on the phone for over an hour. The insurance company wants us to send "official documentation" of when he arrived in the US, because the adoption documents are dated 2007 and Michael was being added as of the date that he came into the US which is 2008. I wasn't sure what they wanted, so I called them. But I wasn't allowed to talk to the lady that was requesting the paperwork because I am not the employer. But what she told my husband's employer didn't make any sense. So this customer service rep (csr) went and talked to the lady and came back and told me the same thing my husband's hr department told me. I told the csr that I needed more specifics. I eventually had to ask for a supervisor. She told me that I had to send them the letter that my son got when he went through immigration that stated that he was a US citizen. There is NO such document. I offered to send them the plane ticket, his passport with the stamp from immigration, and a letter stating when he came, but they said that wasn't good enough. So I finally asked for another supervisor after I had already been on the phone for over 40 minutes with just that phone call. She listened to part of my story before contradicting me and I kindly asked her to let me finish. She then told me that there was no possible way for them to add Michael to the insurance without this letter that he got when he went through immigration. Then she went back and talked to the lady I'm not allowed to talk to and asked her what was needed. She finally came to the conclusion that the passport with the immigration stamp should be sufficient to prove when he came into the US (DUHH!!!!) and asked me to fax it to them. So Lord willing, Michael will finally get added to the insurance tomorrow.

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