Thursday, July 24, 2008


Wow, the summer is flying by. I have really enjoyed spending time with my kids and I really wish that the finances were different and I could stay home with them all the time. I would love to be with them more and volunteer at their school. My brother is coming to visit from Texas next week, so we are very excited and have lots of things planned. Pray for good weather for us to enjoy our family being together. We probably won't see my brother's family again for about two years (yuck!).
We went to the zoo as a family last night. Of course, I got the camera all ready and left it sitting on the couch. We had a blast. We took the kids in the butterfly house for the first time. We visited with the gorillas. At least three times, a gorilla came up nose to nose with the glass. It was awesome. We saw God's creativeness and love for color and beauty in His creation over and over all evening. Kevin loved the gorillas and watching the otters swim. He laughed out loud and squealed and got so excited. It was a very good family night. Then we sat in traffic because of an accident. It took us 45 minutes to get on the expressway and get off again at the next exit which is less than a mile. YUCK!!!
VBS this week has been totally awesome. My little boys have made it through being away from mommy and my older two have really enjoyed their classes. I have taken my niece as well. So it has been interesting hauling 5 kids to church every day. Today, I took all five of them to Costco on the way home. I pushed them ALL in the buggy for most of the time. I'm TIRED! And tonight I'll have 7 kids as I am watching two of my nieces and my nephew. That is just so weird. Of all 7 of my siblings kids, only one is a boy. So I have 6 nieces but only one nephew. Then my family helps balance it out as I only have one girl and then I have 3 boys. This is Alisha and my cousin's little girl. They live out of state and are visiting for awhile. So we went and spent an evening with them. It was a lot of fun. We hadn't seen this little gal since just after she was born. She has gotten big and beautiful.

This is Michael (almost 3 years old) and my cousin's little boy (5 years old). This is the little boy that I thought of when I saw the first picture of Michael. That is part of how God helped lead us to Michael as our son. Now they finally got to meet. They don't really look that much alike now, but Michael's baby picture looked so much like this little guy when he was younger.

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