Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another long week

Well, it has been another long long week. It was my last week of inservice and Tuesday my students will arrive bright (maybe) and ready to go (possibly). Of course, all of us teachers are exhausted after three weeks of inservice, so it is never a good thing the first week or so of school.
The kids have spent the week at my sisters and my mother-in-laws. Friday I got to spend the day with the three younger kids and my sister and her four kids and her husband. We went to the mall and shopped for school clothes for the kids and just searched for deals. Before we knew it, Aaron called and sounded shocked that I was still at the mall. I asked him what time it was and it was almost 3 o'clock. I was supposed to be home and ready to leave for up north when Aaron got home around 4 o'clock. Yikes! So I hurried the kids back through the mall and headed for the car. I expected it to take 45 minutes or more with traffic to get home. But we made it home in about 35 minutes and Aaron met us. We packed our stuff for camping and headed out the door. It was the first time that we slept in the camper with the kids. We had the three little ones in the camper with us. Matthew slept in the other camper with my parents. The kids enjoyed rides in the trailor behind the lawn tractor, playing in the creek, and just running around. The played under the pine trees for a long time. They picked flowers, shot the nerf dart gun, and played cars in the dirt. It was nice. I wish we had more time, but we had to come home Saturday night because Aaron was singing in church on Sunday morning. Plus, we left the rottweilers at home and so we can only leave them for one night.
Once again no pictures to post. Our internet is only working at our desktop now, so I need to put the camera software on it and download the pictures to post. Maybe I'll have time this week to get that done. I'll try.

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