Monday, August 4, 2008

What a week

This last week has been nonstop. My brother and his family are visiting from Texas. They arrived on Monday, so we had dinner together with the whole family. Tuesday we went to the zoo. We had all 11 grandkids (ages 6 and under) and all the adults except my husband (who had to work). Wednesday my brother and parents went up north. But Aaron had the day off, so we did a few things that needed to get done and then we took the kids bowling. Matthew bowled for the first time by himself (yes, we used bumpers) and bowled a 82. Not bad! Aaron won with 112. But I was amazed that I almost hit 100, I got a 92. Alisha got a 72 with a little bit of help, but she had never bowled before. Michael had fun, but he got a lot of help as he tried to figure out what he was supposed to do. Thursday we went up north. It was a great day. My brother and I took the kids to the creek and found toads and crayfish. Then my brother found a snake for the kids. They took tractor rides (on a lawn tractor/trailor). They really had a lot of fun. It was a very long day. Aaron and I spent all day Friday preparing for Michael's welcome home party. I am always nervous hosting a party as we tend to end up not having many people show up. But it ended up being a great night. Including my family we had about 60 people show up. The rain waited until after everyone left and the tent was down (Praise God!). This morning we took the kids to the Bounce House. Michael did amazing. I was afraid of taking him as he has trouble controlling himself and tends to be way too rough with other kids. But he did very well. He loved the slides. I'll have to post pictures after I have a chance to download. My brother flies home tomorrow, so please pray for a safe trip for him and his family.

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