Thursday, October 4, 2007

Finally some adoption news!

We received word from the orphanage today about Michael's passport. No, we don't have a passport yet, but the orphanage has been told that our file is out of MOI (the ones that approve the passport applications) and is on the immigration directors desk for one final signature before the passport can be printed. Then once we have the passport it is just the US Visa that we need to get him home. Lately, passports have been printed within a few days. I am unsure how long the visa will take, but it seems that most visas take about a week or two. So please continue to pray that these last things will speed along. I would also ask that you pray that our file has gotten as far as they say it has. I don't think that the orphanage would pass on any information that they did not believe to be true. They will be checking daily for the signed file to then get the passport printed. Praise God for His many blessings.

The other kids are so much fun to be with. I can't believe Kevin will be 1 week old tomorrow. He is so precious. Matthew is learning so much at school lately. He is drawing some cool pictures and writing his letters and numbers so well. He seems to be enjoying the new knowledge and is using it for many different things. He is also very social and making a lot of friends. Alisha is full of life as always. She was an especially great joy today. She just seemed to be so full of smiles and really seemed to be enjoying spending time with her daddy and I. She is also very thrilled with her new brother. She woke up yesterday morning and came out to living room. When she saw Kevin sitting in his bouncer, she got very excited that Kevin was still there. She keeps telling us that Kevin is staying at our house forever. It is so cute.

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