Monday, October 22, 2007


While I was checking email yesterday, my computer made a weird noise and I figured out it was Skype. I had a voicemail from the orphanage. They said they were making calls and there was a little Michael that wanted to talk to his family. So I hooked up the webcam and speakers and called them back. Michael is so cute. He seems very shy to the idea of talking to people on the computer, but they tell me he doesn't talk much at all. Alisha sang Jesus loves the little children to him. It was neat to watch him. He was very distracted this time because there were a whole bunch of bigger girls standing around him waiting for their turn to call their families. It was funny to watch them try to peek over Michael to see who he was talking to. I heard the orphanage director telling him who we were. Matthew didn't talk much to him, but he was very excited to tell everyone that we talked to Michael. What a cool surprise to have a chance to talk to my little man. I hope seeing and hearing us will help his transition when he comes home.

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really? said...

I'm so glad you got to talk to Michael today too! You are right it is fun to talk to them. The older girls were "helping" our 2 when we talked to them and peeking... at us too...they all got really excited when they could see our 3 kids here. Too fun!