Thursday, October 18, 2007


I got an email from our lawyer in Haiti. She said that MOI (where our file has been for almost 5 months) is not accepting any name changes as of a month ago. But with our file they have decided to just send it back to Parquet (the previous stage, part of 2nd legal) for confirmation of the name change. She said that they can ask for more documentation but they cannot reverse the adoption. She said she is going back on Friday to check on all the files and she will keep in touch. Praise God for her being willing to fight to get our files through and for her being willing to take the time to email me and answer my questions. So we will just keep on praying and "prepare for rain". (If you don't understand that expression then you need to watch the movie "Facing the Giants". I saw that Walmart has it for about $14.)

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