Friday, May 2, 2008

Another week gone by...

...and no adoption news. I tried chatting with the orphanage online last night. I asked if there was any news on the passport booklets coming in and they responded by saying that it was a holiday and everything was closed. I asked if there had been estimated timeframe for the booklets to come in, but I got no response. Please pray for us as we are very weary.

Also, please pray for my cousin, Sarah. Her 4-month old son has been diagnosed with hemophelia. It seems to be the more serious type of hemophelia. Please pray for her whole family. They go to a specialist in a few days.

Praise the Lord, my friend was able to bring her daughter home from Haiti this week. She started before us, but her dossier arrived to the lawyer about three weeks after ours. This whole process does not make any sense. I am very thrilled for my friend and her daughter, but I was so sure that when she came home she would be bringing Michael with her. Well, that didn't happen. So please keep praying for us and for Michael's passport.

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