Saturday, February 16, 2008

A few things

1.) God is so AWESOME!! He provides encouragement just when we need it.
2.) It is VERY VERY hard to wait week after week and still not hear anything about our adoption. But at the same time we know and believe that God IS in control. Yes, I do shed many tears when I think about my son and the fact that I have absolutely no idea when he is coming home. Many people are starting to ask "if" he is coming home. If it is God's will, then yes he will come home. Please pray, pray, and pray some more.
3.) My kids that are here with me are great. It is so neat to watch Matthew as he learns to read and is starting to tell us what signs say and can tell us what store to go in because he has read the name of the store on the sign. Alisha is so full of life and talks nonstop (except sometimes when she is sleeping, although she talks in her sleep sometimes too). She always makes me smile at the moment that I need it the most. Kevin is such a lovable baby. He loves playing in his exercauser and he loves to be talked to.
4.) About my last post: YES, a thousand times YES adoption is biblical. I knew that, but I was trying to get some of you to post your thoughts on it in the comments section. I think that it is such a big part of the Bible that the church should be involved in some type of adoption/orphan care ministry. I am doing some more research on the matter, and I will post more on this in the days to come. PLEASE if you know of a website, book, church, person, etc. that would help me in my quest to gather support for starting an adoption/orphan care ministry in my church then by all means post a comment.

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