Friday, February 29, 2008

Isn't it amazing how...

God always knows what you need. I had quite the day at work today. We had students busted for drugs first thing this morning. Then someone pulled the fire alarm. And if that wasn't enough, the students didn't act like there was a fire alarm going off. They went to their lockers to get their coats. Then they stayed right outside the building and started throwing snowballs. Someone got hit by a snowball that didn't want to and some students started fighting. It was almost mass chaos, or maybe it was mass chaos and I'm just trying to be nice.
Then... I checked my blog for the verse of the day: “In my distress I cried unto the LORD, and he heard me.” (Psalm 120:1) If I didn't already fell like I was in distress with all of the adoption trials, then my work day definitely put me in distress. So now it is time to cry unto the LORD. And He will hear me. He will hear a sinner like me and He cares about me.

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Jane said...

Hi there It is such an honour to visit your page and realised there is a Christian out there creating a blog showing his/her kind-hearted on adoptions and so forth. I will be reading more of your posts soon, could you please tell me how to include the daily bible verse in the blog, do you have to donate to get that? My blog is in Chinese and i will try to make it in english soon when i get more time.