Monday, February 18, 2008

One of God's Blessings

I mentioned the other day that God sends encouragement at the right time. One of the encouragements He sent the other day was my dad's birthday party. My dad wanted to have a birthday party for himself. His birthday was yesterday so on Saturday he took my sister and I and our families to "Bounce House" for his birthday. It was an awesome time. This is a picture of my Dad and his grandkids that live nearby at his birthday party. We had a great time jumping in the bounce house, sliding down the "huge slides", and playing arcade games. Now the kids want to go back for their birthday parties.
This picture is really extra cool for us. My Dad's dad passed away just before his first child, my sister, was born. So my dad has always prayed that God would let him live long enough to bounce a grandchild on each knee. Well, he has long since run out of knees for the grandkids so we just have to make them gather around at picture time. Isn't God truly awesome!

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