Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Michael Update

This is the update we received from the orphanage today. I enjoy learning more about my son and thought that I would share the update with all of you.
"Michael is wearing a size 2 in clothes,andI will have to check on the shoe size. He is barefoot most of the time, but I know that won't work in Mich. at this time of the year :))
He is working on potty training, but has LOTS of accidents... Still at the beginning stage. Wanted to save something for you to do to remember his early childhood... Just kidding :))
You are right about the PBJ and Grilled cheese. He is also used to hotdogs, tuna noodle casserole, fried chicken, beef in sauce *will probably be happy with gravy, of course anything with rice, etc. For breakfast he is used to oatmeal, eggs with bread, and cornflakes. He eats everything we give him, so I doubt you will have trouble finding things he likes. He also is used to eating crackers, cookies, ice cream, freezer pops (like popsicles in the plastic bag), he loves bananas, tangerines, and all kinds of fruit.
He is still sleeping in a playpen, but ready to outgrow it. Probably a youth bed would be the best place to start since he is making a transition anyway.
He is so easy-going, but I know that he is going to have a great time exploring his new home. SO, keep everything up high that you do not want him to get into. He likes to color, but occassionally decorates walls as well, so you need to keep an eye on him.
Will keep you posted as we get any info on his paperwork. This week everything is closed downtown for Mardi Gras. Offices should resume working next week.
Michael loves to come up and spend time with us on our balcony. I know that he is probably looking for his friend, but he doesn't ask about him. He just wanders around looking for things to play with and things to do. He seems to comprehend all of the things I say to him, but still doesn't speak much English. I am sure that will come as he hears all English. At least he understands it so he will be able to know what is being said around him."

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