Friday, March 21, 2008

He is Risen!

He is Risen indeed! Praise God! The most wonderful thing that has ever happened is when God willingly gave up His only Son to die and pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus died for us and then rose again victorious over death and the grave. Only Jesus could have paid the price of all of our sins because only He was perfectly sinless and Holy. Thank the Lord for loving us enough when we did not deserve to be loved at all. Please take time this weekend to focus on Christ's death and ressurrection. Spend time appreciating the family and friends that you have around you.
I am hoping to have Easter dinner with my parents, husband, three of my kids, sister, nephew, and three nieces (and possibly my brother-in-law - not sure of his work schedule). The Lord has blessed our family with two new little ones in the past six months. Kevin, my son, will be six months next friday and Emma, my niece, who is one week old today. Please keep praying for Michael to be able to come home.

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