Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let's Pray this is True

I got an email from the orphanage this morning telling us that our file has moved back into MOI for the final passport stage. If this is true, we could have his passport in hand within the next two weeks and then we will just need to get the visa.

Some prayer requests regarding the visa:
1) that the orphanage will be able to get Michael's physical done quickly and be able to get a visa appointment soon after the passport is in hand
2) that Michael's birthmother will be cooperative in coming to meet with the people at the US Consulate to verify that Michael is her son and that the consulate will not require DNA testing (that would add several hundred dollars and several more weeks onto our wait)
3) that his visa would be processed quickly
4) that we would be able to get an economical escort to bring him at least to FL and that we would be able to find deals on the necessary plane tickets

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