Thursday, March 13, 2008

Matthew is so Cool

Sometimes you really wonder what all your kids are learning. Are they really listening to everything that you are trying to teach them? Well obviously Matthew is learning some of what we are trying to teach him. His class is having a multicultural day at school tomorrow. So his teacher sent home some worksheets to fill out the stars and make a poster about his family's culture. So we filled one about languages we speak (i.e. none other than the fact that Michael speaks Kreyol-but he's not home yet), what traditions we have, what holidays we celebrate, and then some blank. So when we had one blank one left, I asked Matthew what the most important thing about our family is. Without hesitation, Matthew replied "that we pray." How awesome is that. My almost 6 year old thinks that our family praying is the most important thing about our family. How awesome that he is taking that testimony before his kindergarten class tomorrow. Praise God for His unfailing love.


Amy said...

Cool. Good for Matthew.

danellejoy said...

Oh my goodness! That is awesome!