Saturday, March 15, 2008

Please Pray

I'm not sure who all is actually reading my blog, but if you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior please pray for us. We started Michael's adoption about 25 months ago. We were told that he would be home within 12-18 months from the time our paperwork arrived in Haiti. Our paperwork arrived in Haiti on May 2, 2006. We have been approved by the Haitian social services department for over a year. We are approaching the one year mark of Michael legally being our son. My emotions are shot. We get told that we should be getting a passport soon and then we get told that it was a mistake and then we get told that we should be getting a passport soon and then they tell us that we are missing a signature and now we have been told that our file has really gone to get the passport printed. Now we sit and wait and wait and wait. We don't get much information so sometimes my mind lets me hope that maybe something has happened and we just don't know it yet and then sometimes I feel like curling up in bed and just crying. There are times when my mind starts to question whether we are ever going to see our son again. Then I fight those thoughts with all I have because they make me feel guilty, like I am abandoning my son. It is soooo hard. Then people wonder why there are so many orphans that never get adopted. Why do governments have to make it so difficult to process an adoption. Why does the US require a Haitian passport for my son, who is legally my son, to come home to me. Why?
Lord, please protect my son and allow him to come home to us. Amen.

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Katy said...

I am still praying for you, though I don't know you. May the Lord bring your son to you VERY soon! It is so hard to imagine why God would let so many children, including your Michael, to wait and wait for SO long in Haitian orphanages without the love of their families. I can understand how your heart breaks, though my paperwork hasn't been there long..because my child is waiting there too. It breaks our hearts that we can't hold them when they need us, but I am praying that the wait will be over soon for you, and for processes to change in a mighty way for all the children who don't yet have families so that more parents will be able to come for them. I can't understand why UNICEF is so against international adoption when so many children wait, but I DO know that God is good. Praying tonight for your strength and faith in HIm.