Thursday, January 31, 2008

Adoption Update

Well the orphanage got the originals today and got them delivered to the lawyer and the lawyer had them delivered to the office where they need to get the first stamp/signature that is missing. As soon as the lawyer gets them back, my understanding is that the orphanage has to get one more stamp on them and then deliver them back to MOI (where they spent the last 8 months). MOI "guaranteed" they would sign them out when they get them back. After MOI, the papers go to immigration where they actually print the passport. Once the passport is in hand, the orphanage has to schedule the visa medical and the visa appointment. Since we filed our US immigration paperwork here in the states, the consulate in Haiti will have to meet with Michael's birthmom at the visa interview. Please pray that when we get to that stage they don't require DNA testing because that would add at least three more weeks onto the process.

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