Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cool Praise

If you notice down a few posts, I posted the lyrics to a song by a band called Casting Crowns. I love this band because their songs really hit home and are practical to everyday Christian living. Their songs have helped to encourage and challenge us throughout this adoption process. Well, we noticed a while back that they were going to be in our area next month and thought it would be really cool to go spend an evening praising God with this band. But with the adoption expenses we could not afford to buy the tickets. I decide to step out of my comfort zone and I emailed the band and told them about our story and how much their music has helped us. I asked if it was possible for them to give me two tickets so I could take my husband. I never imagined that they would be able to do this for me, but I got an email from them today letting me know that they were giving me two tickets to the concert. Praise God! Isn't it neat how God sends us encouragement just when we really need it the most. Thank you Casting Crowns for allowing God to use you to bless some of His children.

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