Tuesday, January 8, 2008

El Shaddai

Something hit me while we were singing together as a family tonight. We were singing Jesus Name above all names. We got to the part that says, "El Shaddai, God is Sufficient". Wow! So I looked it up to see exactly what El Shaddai means. El Shaddai (Hebrew: אל שדי) is one of the Judaic names of God. See El (god) and Names of God in Judaism. It is normally translated "God Almighty who is all sufficient". Isn't that just awesome. God is all we need. Praise the Lord. So as I think of all the things that I "need", I just need to focus on El Shaddai and remember that He is sufficient.

Please continue to pray for Tricia and Nate and their baby girl. Baby Gwyneth Rose was delivered today and weighed in at 1lb. 6oz. Please pray for her to develop properly and grow stronger. Also continue to pray for Tricia. She needs to regain her strength and improve a great deal in order to be able to have the double lung transplant that she needs. Also pray for her husband Nate and all of her family during this extremely emotional time.