Saturday, January 19, 2008

Frustrated and Discouraged

I am feeling very frustrated and discouraged lately as you can tell by some of my recent posts. But the Lord keeps reminding me that He loves me and He is in control. I would like to ask everyone that reads my blog to pray with us that week that Michael's file will move forward and we would be closer to being able to bring him home. He is almost 2.5 now and as time continues to go by it will only be harder and harder for him when he has to leave the only "home" he has ever known to come and live with his family. He has never known what it is like to have a real family. Don't get me wrong, the orphanage does a very good job caring for him and it is a "family" atmosphere, but it is not a family. If you are praying with us this week for Michael's file to move forward, please post a comment on this blog entry. It will be encouraging to myself and other adoptive parents to see that other people care about getting adopted children home to their families. Please also pray for my friend and her son "J" that his file would start moving also. Thank you.


sebrown1126 said...

I pray for you guys regularly, and will continue to do so.

Amy said...

You know I'm praying.
Amy(J's mom)