Saturday, January 26, 2008

And yet another week has come to an end...

...with no adoption news. All we have heard was from another adoptive mom that talked to the orphanage director. She was told that our files are supposed to be done with the one missing stamp/signature on Tuesday. I'm still not sure what all is going on, but from my understanding there is still the other stamp/signature that will have to be obtained once the orphanage gets the files back before it can go back to MOI. Then my friend said that she was told that MOI has closed down for two weeks to reorganize, but I don't know what two weeks they are closed for (last week and next or the last two weeks or the next two weeks???). Once we finally get back to MOI and get out of MOI it will probably still be a few more weeks for them to print the passport and obtain the visa. The US really stinks when it comes to international adoption. If only they would let us bring home our son, we wouldn't have to deal with all of this heartache. Why don't they let people bring their children (children that are legally their children) home to live with them? The past 8 months and the rest of the time we wait is all because of the US. And all of this hassle is only for Michael's plane ride home. Once the plane lands in Florida, his Haitian passport and US visa are no longer necessary. But he has to have the passport to get the visa and he has to have the visa in order to be allowed on a plane headed for the US (where he should already be living). Please help me bombard our senators and congressman with requests to change the laws in regard to visas for adopted children. We need to see this change for all of the other families in the future who will adopt internationally. Why make these babies/children and their families wait for so long for them to come home?

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